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Learning Objectives

Amy Terrell LMHC, shares her expertise in advocacy and treatment of survivors of human to human violence, suicide and traumatic loss. Learn how to work effectively with survivors in all 8 phases, incorporate Francine Shapiro’s Recent Events Protocol, Jim Knipe’s CIPOS and BHS protocols, ethically navigate the legal system, with specific case conceptualization and resourcing, prepare for legal meetings prior to processing, and assist clients with powerlessness and inappropriate responsibility.

  • Explain the theoretical framework to guide EMDR treatment with human violence survivors.

  • Identify the neurobiology of human to human trauma.

  • Implement case conceptualization for human violence survivors based on AIP lens:, with the assistance of real client examples.

  • Restate one special consideration for each phase of EMDR Therapy.

  • Implement preparation phase resources to help client be prepared for processing as well how to use RDI in order to assist a client in preparation for legal challenges

  • Apply future resourcing protocol to help with PCG

  • Identify the use and implementation of Constant Installation Of Orientation and Safety (CIPOS) protocol

  • Identify one skillful intervention to assist with stalled processing using effective cognitive interweave

  • List two factors in deciding to use standard EMDR vs Recent Events or a speciality protocol

  • Identify topics that impact healing and integration: the culture of victim blaming, the slippery topic of forgiveness, and other belief system issues impacting resiliency.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview, Details, Continuing Education Credits

  • 2

    Lessons 1-5

    • Lesson 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals

    • Lesson 2: What is Trauma ?

    • Lesson 3:Neuroscientific Underpinnings: The Survival Brain and Body

    • Lesson 4: MDR Phases 1 & 2 Considerations (including Kiessling’s Extended Resourcing Protocol)

    • Lesson 5: Changing World View: Finding Safety and Hope in an Unsafe World

  • 3

    Lessons 6-14

    • Lesson 6: Cultural and Therapeutic Issues around Forgiveness

    • Lesson 7: Traumatic Grief and Complicated Mourning

    • Lesson 8: Future "Doing Better" Self Resource: Doing Better: A Day in the Future Protocol and Demonstration

    • Lesson 9: Phase 3 & 4 Considerations

    • Lesson 10: Back of Head (BOH) & Constant Installation of Present Orientation and Safety (CIPOS) Knipe

    • Lesson 11: BOH & CIPOS Demonstration and Discussion

    • Lesson 12: Phases 5-8 Considerations

    • Lesson 13: Common Stuck Points

    • Lesson 14: Additional Materials for Securing A Spaces (video interview) and PDF on Forgiveness by Instructor Amy Terrell LMHC

  • 4


    • Continuing Education Certificates

    • Quiz


5 hours of EMDRIA Credits #15007-DL48 
5 hours of CE credits from The CE Company Approved 

Learn more about accreditation

CE credits are available for mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers and other trained EMDR Clinicians in all states except New York, Alabama Licensed Professional Counselors  (Board restriction) and MFT’s in Ohio (Board restriction). Clinicians should check with their state licensure boards.


Clinical Director

Amy Terrell

Amy Terrell, LMHC, focuses her professional work on the treatment of trauma and adverse life experiences. She holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in the treatment of trauma. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in a belief that a person can heal from the most devastating of traumas and when one person heals, they can pass along that mental wellness to their families, communities and future generations. She is an EMDRIA approved consultant and trainer. Ms. Terrell is Associate Director, co-owner, and co-creator of a successful West Des Moines, Iowa mental health practice, EMDR & Beyond, LLC. This practice is not a traditional mental health center. In addition to having excellent therapy services and an active mental health counseling blog for professionals, EMDR & Beyond is a training center aimed at educating the mental health community about trauma informed practices. This team of expert EMDR clinicians includes EMDRIA Approved Consultants to strengthen EMDR practice as well as live, virtual, hybrid,and online continuing education program Ms. Terrell’s approach to psychotherapy incorporates child focused EMDR Therapy and includes whenever possible the caregiving system. When working with adults she incorporates trauma informed therapy, sand tray and EMDR. When appropriate yoga and other forms of somatic awareness are included. As a psychotherapy teacher, Amy has written several mental health trainings that are available for live presentation by request: EMDR an Introduction When the Clocks Stop EMDR Reboot (also available as an online course) EMDR with Survivors of Violence (also available as an online course) Surviving to Thriving in the Mental Health Community: Beyond Self Care While Ms. Terrell enjoys writing her own trainings, she is also proud to be a trainer for AGATE Institute, teaching the EMDR Child Specialist Intensive (A. Gomez, 2006) and co-teaching EMDR Sandtray with Ana Gomez. As an EMDR Basic trainer for EMDR Consulting, she has taught this six-day training in multiple states and cities within the US and virtually to people from other parts of the world. Ms. Terrell provides on-going debriefing, training and consultation services to domestic violence sexual assault response agencies as well as multiple community mental health centers, and child psychiatric centers in her community and surrounding States. She is a contributor of The Iowa Homicide Survivors Handbook.

Grievance Policy

We seek to ensure equitable treatment of every person and to make every attempt to resolve grievances in a fair manner. Please submit a written grievance to Grievances would receive, to the best of our ability, corrective action in order to prevent further problems. 

Cancellation Policy 

We will allow refunds up to 7 days after purchase of this course minus a $15 processing fee. Cancellations after 7 days are non-refundable.

Conflict of Interest Policy

There is no known commercial interest or conflict of interest for this workshop.   


This workshop is held in facilities which are in compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act. Please contact if special accommodation is required.